Friday, September 7, 2012

Beach Retreat

 This past weekend was Labor Day & the start of football season, a time in which I become completely disconnected from my husband (hunter's wives should understand). John is a huge Alabama fan-the biggest and with that being said he insisted on attending the opening game in Texas. This required a game ticket, accommodations as well as transportation via airplane.

This year I have decided that Ollie and I will not be jilted by his "need" to watch stinky (a term Ollie and myself use to describe said team) Alabama football. So, I took it upon myself to book a beachfront condo for us girls in Destin, Florida. With Issac bearing down on the gulf coast I was afraid the weather would be awful. Wanting to avoid backing out (it's a pride thing) and a $200 cancellation policy, we ventured on.

As you can clearly see, the weather was AWESOME!!

 Saturday was great and Sunday was even better!! The waves were small, the undertow non-existent and the water crystal clear. A small "island" had formed just off the beach providing a wonderful swimming area as well as the perfect spot to set up my chair.
As an added bonus, Sage and daughter Eila joined us on our "girls" retreat. Regrettably, I have no pictures of (or with) them. The girls were well-behaved and were easily put to bed each night with peek cheeks and exhausted bodies. This gave Sage and I some "mommy" time to catch-up and enjoy wine-down time ;).

On Sunday, John joined us. He loves his Alabama football but missed his girls more. After a few more beach hours, we dressed and walked (down the beach) to the Back Porch.

I packed a couple of flashlights for the journey home.

 I can remember hunting sand crabs with my parents so taking Ollie was very special. She had a blast and kept us laughing the whole time. She may be terrified of love bugs but can chase down and pick up (tiny) crabs like a pro.

Looks like we may have started something-
A way to keep daddy from going to those "stinky" Alabama games!

Love to all!

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